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Hey I'm Gemma! I'll be blogging lot about becoming a vet nurse, my casual job at a pet resort, my dog walking, my boyfriend/relationship, my little brother (Sykes the Staffy) and my 3 rats. Re-blogging a lot of K-pop artists, Korean dramas, anime, pets, nature, animals, dance and anything I find amusing or interesting.

I love enriching animals lives and have a page for all my ideas on animal enrichment. I believe enrichment is a big part in every animals lives. Check it out for ideas for your pets, work place, friends or just some entertainment/enrichment for yourself.


The Hunter by Teun Timmerman

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Selfish Pieces of Shit.

22. April 2014

I’m not one of those people that has something against every cop they see but fuck! They are just getting stricter and stricter! Now they have equipment so they know when people are talking on their phone of not wearing seat belts. Why are you preventing more people from dying? There are 7 billion people on Earth. If 5 billion people died the world would still be over populated by humans, unsustainable and we would still be selfish, lazy, shit heads. We cry when one person dies but don’t give a fuck when we kill off hundreds of species, tear down forests and habitats.


Time for a nap.  

(via 500px / Cheetah Cub on the Move by Denzil Mackrory)