Hey I'm Gemma! I'll be blogging lot about becoming a vet nurse, my part-time job at a pet resort, my boyfriend/relationship, my little brother (Sykes the Staffy) and my 3 rats. Re-blogging a lot of K-pop artists, Korean dramas, anime, pets, nature, animals, dance and anything I find amusing or interesting.


Tiger Family (by Marsel van Oosten)

Pushing Parvesh by Clark Oden

Life With Animals.

19. July 2014

After I finished morning shift at the kennels I had to go into the shops to buy some white shoes for clinic. Didn’t want to go a I already felt, looked and sounded like crap from this flu. After walking around in the shops for a bit I then realize I’m also wearing dog crap on my pants…….


Nelson sniffing the branch by Tambako the Jaguar on Flickr.

Brothers’ Quarrel (by Eve’sNature)