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My boyfriend and I stopped at a little shop stall the other day and were looking at some things when the Filipino shop owner asks my bf is he was Filipino. He said he was Thai and then they kept talking and talking to him. Then the lady looks at me and said “is that your gf?” in a hesitant way (by the look on her face I think she was more convinced that I wasn’t). When he said yes, the first thing she said was “ohh, but she isn’t Thai, are you Thai?”. Do I bloody look Asian to you? Maybe put on your glasses. I think that is the most offensive racial thing I have heard from other people while being with him. Why the fuck do I have to be Thai to be with a Thai guy? 

I’m still so in love with him! Everything about him!

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Some One Just Pick For Us.

17. September 2014

So with the apartment, he was all for it and I was thinking about everything that could happen. Then I thought he has done so much for me with moving to the city and living with crappy people, getting a job and not just having it easy living with his Mum like he could of. All so I can do my vet nursing and start progressing. And the fact we both kinda miss living at his Mum’s as it was homey and basically like our own place because she was never home. So I said lets go for it then, I will get a crappy second that I will hate so you can have something you want.

But now he is saying we should wait as I won’t have a job I like and I will become stressed. Then at the start it will be a struggle because we will just be scraping by until I get a second job, which might be harder then it sounds in the end. It it may not work out at all.

We basically convinced each other to do what we wanted. But now we won’t be able to view the apartment together as the only time and date they can do it he is working and he can’t get it off. I could view it on my own but then I don’t have his input. So thought it was meant to be but maybe its not and we need to wait. Or is it just a leap of faith we need to take. So confused!

So We Are Looking At An Apartment And I’m Not Sure.

16. September 2014

We are going to view the apartment this Thursday! We are both very excited because its the first property we are  viewing in our lives and we are doing it together. Its very close to his work and not to far away from mine. Its just the right size and is partly furnished (would be renting). It is very nice looking, not to old but not to modern and it has a great view! It is also very close to TAFE (college), the CBD and lots of shopping centres. Being so close to everything it is slightly pricey ($385/week) when you could get an old house for that much (just not in that area). Every other apartment we looked at looks like a jail cell that is cheaper and anything over is just to fancy and to expensive. It also will consider small pets depending on references!

My Mum thinks we should just get a shared house (with other people) as it would be cheaper but he is already having trouble with his current house mates and even if we find other Asian house mates there may not be cultural differences but its still not fully private, our own place, home. If you get what I mean. That means I also need to find a second job ASAP! As I only earn $400/week and I need to earn $700/week to be able to afford this. I also want to be saving for my Africa trip and possibly Thailand before Africa. I have been wanting to go to Africa for the past 3 years but have never been able to save as something all ways pops up that takes all my money. Earning $700 I should be able to save $600 a month. 

I need input as it could all work out in the end but then it may not. I don’t know if I should choose a shared house or an apartment. Time is just going so fast now :(