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Peer Pressure.

30. July 2014

Its funny how we are brought up thinking we have to have children or will have children when we are older. Yes its natural to reproduce but not every animal of its specie gets to reproduce. Why is it put into our heads that we need to have children? We don’t need to, some people shouldn’t, some people “can’t”, it just isn’t for some people but yet we all feel the need to as thats what has been put into our heads since day one.


I lie here, I listen to the pain of the forest

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Want to pet a lion cub? Raise a lion cub? Walk a lion? Think again!!!!!
I went into a travel center a few weeks ago. It was advertising cheap flights and deals for students, so i inquired about what they had for Africa. Of course there was petting lions cubs! Working with lion cubs! Walking Lions! It is still being advertised to people who don’t know any better about the issue. I don’t even think the people who were working there knew. Need to get the message out there. reblog, reblog, reblog! Tag, tag, tag!
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Does this drive the message home?

Watching Bondi Vet and while I love the show and Dr Chris Brown this epi is WTF! One, there is no such thing as a pitbull. Two, the little dog that got attacked by a “pitbull” may have caused the fight by rushing, barking or acting out towards the “pitbull”. If it did or not, babying it will not help it recover mentally. Three, the lady not wanting to keep the puppy she rescued/adopted if it was a “pitbull”. Yes genetics do have something to do with aggression but any breed can have genetic aggression problems, if your that worried don’t get a dog.