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The past can hurt, but you can either run from it or learn from it !

Love this! Not in the way of working out but in where it came from. The Lion King. We have made a lot of mistakes in the past and ohh boy is it hurting now!!! Lions will be extinct in 20 years and all we are doing is running from it! We have a lot to learn from and we are not doing it. Start now, start learning and changing!


Best day ever 🐯👌

Hey there! I want to encourage you to not support facilities that offer pay-to-play or cub petting schemes as they are extremely cruel, exploitative, and do nothing for conservation. In fact, these pay-to-play schemes do just the opposite of conserve (despite what the handlers might have told you…if they told you the money goes to conservation, they lied).
Here have some resources: x|x|x|x|x. If you need more I have a tag dedicated to this wonderful practice of cub petting. If you have any questions, there are plenty of blogs that can answer them for you (including me), so don’t be afraid to ask for them if you want!
Remember, no responsible facility allows unprotected contact between its dangerous/wild animals and the general public.

Exactly!!!! ^^^^ Please people research about the places you intend it visit if there are animals involved. You may think you are doing good and having a good time but really you are making the problem soooo much worse! 

(via 500px / Gathering at the crossing… by Daniel Parent)

Blurry but cute